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The staff of counselors of Camp Sol y Luna is composed of young students from 18 to 23 years, which, after a long and serious process of recruitment and selection, where their skills are evaluated, they are applied psychometric exams, among others; They are trained to work with children and young people, receive courses on child psychology, recreation, Camp Sol y Luna policies, as well as first aid. Their training does not stop there, every week all the staff meets to continue with the learning, that is, the training is a continuous process, at the same time that the group is fed back with the acquired experiences.


The counselors of Camp Sol y Luna are the best example to follow during the camps for their patience, responsibility and good humor; children are invited to go with their counselor in case of having any problem, since this will always be for when it is requested.


On average, counting all the staff, there is one adult for every 4 or 5 children. Each counselor has a group of no more than ten children (counselor if they are girls) and is directly responsible for children and young people to eat well, bathe, wear clean clothes and sleep well. The counselors are supervised in turn by coordinators, and these by our Director General.


Every summer there are exchanges between our staff and other camps in the United States, Canada and the rest of America, in order to train even better and to know new horizons: our permanent goal is to be the best!


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