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"No matter how nostalgic a child is in camp, the worst thing a parent can do is take them back home, this could mean fleeing from any situation that comes their way. Let your child know that you have confidence in his ability to cope. "

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Suggestions for parents and children to make camp a positive experience

Benefits of a Camp in life Useful tips for parents Useful tips for campers


1. A camp offers the perfect setting to appreciate nature. It provides a wide variety of outdoor activities that encourage the child to have a good physical condition and improve their health.


2. The experience of a camp can help the child to develop with certainty skills that he will need during his life:

a. responsibility

b. autonomy

c. perseverance

d. self-realization

e. socialization

F. respect and consideration towards others


3. Camp Sol y Luna provides a healthy atmosphere that promotes the spiritual development of each child. The campers value their own individualities and are taught to value the uniqueness of all living things. The opportunity to increase knowledge and understand it is provided by exposure to new situations and people. Campers are motivated to love and respect themselves, as well as others.


4. Before the camp, get close to your child and talk positively about it. Enthusiasm is contagious! Comment on the variety of activities that will be done. Promote interest in new things and new friends to do.


5. Nostalgia and strange home, is very common, especially for children who leave for the first time. Talk to your child about this and let him see that there are ways to get over this experience, such as taking his favorite book, photos or memories from home. Assure her that as the days go by, he or she will feel better and better when away from home and will discover that he is capable of doing things without his parents; Knowing that you are not really alone, as there will be other adults who care about your well-being. Assure you that you can talk with your counselors about any problems you may be having.


Tips for Children:


6. Do not be afraid to express your feelings. Talk with your counselors, they care about you and can give you suggestions.


7. You probably feel alone at the beginning, but you know that soon you will make new friends and that together you will have a lot of fun.


8. Bring with you things from home, such as your teddy bear, your favorite blanket, some book, photos of your family or even your pet, etc.


9. Take the initiative to get involved in activities when you feel sad. Keeping busy and doing things with others can keep your mind clear.


10. Prepare your luggage with your parents before going to camp. This way you will be familiar with your clothes and other personal items.


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