Who is Campamento
Sol y Luna?

Campamento Sol y Luna is a camping leader company, with over 10 years of experience. This experience is the acknowledgement of realizing the school´s interest and concern to provide a complete education. Campamento Sol y Luna has created the best interdisciplinary group committed with the childhood and youth of our country. We are proudly members of the Mexican Camping Asociation and International Camping Fellowship.

We are convinced that having fun, as an integral development component, is very important in order to reaffirm the kids’ knowledge and abilities. Our campers have the opportunity to develop their imagination into a natural environment in order to achieve:

• Self-sufficiency and Autonomy.
• Promotion of Social Skills.
• Promotion of Cultural Interest.
• Nature Lore.
• Personal Development.
• Human Warmth and Friendliness.

We are members and are recognized by the Mexican Camping Asociation and the International Camping Fellowship

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Our motto is form by Friendship that is shown with Respect to our campers. Our relation to them is based with Naturalness. We work with them with Happiness but always with Responsibility. So, all our activities are based on: Friendship, Respect others, Happiness, Humility and Responsibility.

Only the best can give the best service!