+23 years of experience

It is a leading company in camps, which arises from the recognition of the interest and concern of the schools to provide complet education, thus creating the best interdisciplinary group in the world. committed to the children and youth of our country. We are proud members of the Mexican Camping Association, the International Camping Fellowship and the American Camp Association.

We know that recreation, as an integral element of development, is a fundamental part of reaffirming the child’s knowledge and skills, and is where their imagination, combined with a natural environment, comes into play, while acquiring:

Independence and Self-Sufficiency

Social Integration

Cultural Development

Respect for the Environment

Personality Development

Human Warmth

Our motto is form by Friendship that is shown with Respect to our campers. Our relation to them is based with Naturalness. We work with them with Happiness but always with Responsibility.

Only the best can give the best service!

We also adapt to the nutritional needs of children and young people and prepare food with the strictest quality and hygiene and with food brands recognized worldwide.

We are members and recognized by the Mexican Camping Association and the International Camping Felloship.

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